BOOKVIDEO offers a tailor-made experience, while its physical appearance is that of a book, inside the the sleek cover, a high resolution digital screen awaits. Our digital menu replaces your traditional paper menus for restaurants, bars, room-service, hotel city-guides or a promotional catalogues for the luxury sector.


interface ensemble.jpg

tailor-made interface

Whether in design or on a functional level, we offer a wide range of “templates”. All that is left to do is the importation of your content. Do you have a specific request? Our design team is at your disposal to design fully customised interfaces. 

Our only limit, is your imagination...


charging units

Innovative charging units
Optimal and ergonomic use
Long life batteries



BOOKVIDEO values your graphic chart, soul & identity. BOOKVIDEO proposes a packaging that is entirely customisable to your colors, making your devices unique by respecting your identity. 

We are talking about design, but the personnalisation is not limited to that. We propose a large range of materials and constantly look for new materials to expand our range.


Interface AdminISTRATION

You control the content of your interface directly through the secured BOOKVIDEO admin.
Our custom built admin is easy and intuitive to use; all modifications are synchronised instantly to your menus and all BOOKVIDEO extensions.
BOOKVIDEO / smartphones / tablettes / website / all devices



The menu web interface (end-user) is accessible on all electronic devices (smartphones and tablets) within the restaurant. Simply connect to the local wifi network.




BIGSCREEN are giant screens (32 inches) to display your menu at the entrance, lobby or outside your establishment to catch the attention of passing customers. 



  • A tailor-made device
  • Resistant packaging
  • Interactive menu
  • Innovative charging units
  • User-friendly
  • Batteries with long autonomy
  • Personalised interface
  • Instant and unlimited content updates 
  • Easy and flexible content 
  • Mobile extensions
  • Tablet extensions
  • Website extensions